shelton road is a high energy modern country band driven by stage presence and vocal harmonies.

Shelton Road is a modern country band based in Nashville, Tennessee. The duo is made up of Alabama native Andrew Velez and Nashville born Sean Bellamy. The duo added Mason Cochran from Ohio on drums and vocals before finally rounding out the group with Spencer Waasdorp from New York on Lead Guitar. Their music is contemporary country mixed with the member’s influences of rock and pop. The band is known for their tight harmonies and the type of stage presence that fires up crowds on a nightly basis. Shelton Road is currently playing four nights a week in downtown Nashville at clubs and music venues, while spending most weekends on the road traveling across the country. The band is playing shows this year in Las Vegas, San Diego, Milwaukee, Chicago, Nashville, and all over the Southeast. Shelton Road recently released their first single “Is It Just Me” and they will be releasing more music later this year.